Healthy Food Stamps

A lot of folks would tell you they don’t eat healthful as it’s pricey, however I disagree, I feel that you could eat healthy on a budget. With planning and preparation healthful food could be just as cheap as food that’s unhealthy. Many households have moved off from cooking in the home and packaging left overs to carry together, which is 1 reason why they think healthy food is much more costly. Let us break down a healthful meal cost versus a unhealthy meal cost and why healthful always wins.

Hamburger Helper is quite popular among households on a budget since it’s cheap and quick. The American-based Food Network recorded Hamburger Helper as number three in its listing of the best five fad foods of the 1970s and it’s still common today. We all know fast and cheap isn’t always good, particularly when it comes to burger helper. It lacks the nutrition an adult and kid needs. It is Full of simple carbohydrates Your body will store as fat if It’s Not Able to utilize it as energy in Addition to partially hydrogenated oils


Hamburger Helper Cheesy Nacho ($7.00) with beef inserted for 5 servings 1 Cup each:

• 330 calories ready for 1 Cup
• 560mg sodium ready for 1 Cup
• 31g carbs
• 2g sugars
• 3g protein
• Enriched Macaroni(not wheat all lacks nourishment )
• Partially hydrogenated soybean oil (trans fats), known to raise the risk of coronary heart failure by increasing bad cholesterol levels and lowering cholesterol levels.

It states 1 cup serving, however, the number of cups does one individual on your household really consume.


Turkey and Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Tomato sauce and veggies ($20.00) 7 serving 1Cup Each:

• 99/1 Extra Lean Turkey Jennie O(20oz)(good source of lean protein)
• Olive Oil(great Healthier fat)
• Whole Wheat Spaghetti Noodles(barilla also ) Packed with all the nourishment, omega-3s, and fiber you (14oz box)7 portions
• Fresh Tomatoes mixed in blender(packed with vitamins)
• Fresh Onions (packed with vitamins)
• Fresh Bell peppers(packaged with vitamins)
• Fresh Mushrooms(packed with vitamins)
• Fresh Onion(packed with vitamins)
• Mrs. Dash Garlic & HERB Seasoning salt-free
• organic
• no msg

Although, the true cost upfront to your healthier option is significantly more expensive the price over the long term is not as. It is possible to use the olive oil and simmer for different dishes. You may even wrap the leftover vegetables and use them to get different dishes too. Remember fast and cheap isn’t necessarily the best alternative for your family healthful food choices may be more expensive up front, however in the future they stretch further and are so much better for you.

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